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Horseback riding is an integral part of the traditional Transylvanian scene and the naturally gentle Icelandic horse provides excellent riding opportunities. We have chosen the Icelandic Horse because of its gentle, friendly disposition and calm manner that make them a delight for anyone to ride. Their two unique gaits, the tölt and the pace, provide a remarkably smooth way to travel over rugged terrain, making long hours in the saddle more comfortable. The tölt is what makes riding Icelandic such a pleasure, with its flowing 4-beat gait providing the sensation of floating while being seated firmly in the saddle. We organize half day or one day trips in the surrounding mountains.For our prices check our News and Promotions.

Leave your stressful life behind and explore a hidden place away from the tourist rush and off the beaten path.

Our history:

  • We opened our doors

    In February 2011 we opened our doors to the public.

    The Ranch is owned by the Albert family. We have bought our first 10 horses from Iceland in the spring of 2011. The icelandic horse has easily adapted to wather and land conditions in Romania since, here in Ivo valley we have cool sommers and hard winthers.

  • 1st Horseriding Capm for Kids

    In April 2012 we have organised our first horse riding camp for children. The first camp had a great sucesse, and since than we organise 3 camps in each year. Our first riding generation grew up allready, and we are very proud, thet they are still our frequent riders, and voluteers.

  • New horses arrive to our ranch

    In March 2013 four new members arrive to Ivo from Austria: Suna, Glaeda, Katla and Skjona.

  • Sjodur Fra Höskuldsstödum arrives to Ivo

    Sjodur Fra Höskuldsstödum, the first stallion arrives to Ivo. Isn't he gorgeous? :)

  • The firs baby horse is borne

    The firs little icelandic horse is borne at the Ranch. He is a healthy little boy. We named him Samson

  • Sölgi is borne

    The second little icelandic baby is borne on the ranch. We named him Sölgi, which means dark.
  • The 126 km Riding Tour

    In the end of july we have organised a three day riding tour to Óriáspince Tető, to the Seckler Gallop, to promote our ranch.
  • Tina was borne

    In the beginning of May Tina von Ivo was borne.
  • Tofa

    Tofa von Ivo was borne on the 10th of May, 2014.
  • Tumi

    Tumi was borne on the 22nd of May 2014. A beautifull baby boy from Semla and Sjodur
  • Tvistur

    In the 27th of May 2014 Tvistur von Ivo was borne.
  • 2nd Open Family Day

    We have organised for the second time the Opne Family Day at the Ranch.
  • Beer Tölt Competition

    The first bear tölt competition at the ranch