The Szekler Gallop tour

The Ivo Icelandic Riding Ranch team goes to the Szekler Gallop on horseback. The 170 km route takes us through hills and valleys to the place of the event at Oriaspinceteto.
This tour is recommended for experienced riders only and provides a great opportunity for the participants to discover the untouched nature of the Szekler Land.
During the tour, accommodation, full board and transport of personal belongings are provided for the participants.

Day 1.: 12th July We start in the morning from Ivo and ride to Kormos valley.
Day 2.: 13th July We right through the Kormos Valley to the Málnás
Day 3.: 14th July We ride from Málnás to Angyalos village
Day 4.: 15th July We ride from Angyalos to Óriáspincetető, in the evening the group is transported back to Ivo by car
Date: 12th -15th July 2017

The tours can be customized according to our customer’s requests. The price of the tour is discussed in advance individually, and may depend on the number of horses, riding days, accommodation and meals requested by the client during the tour.

Informations and booking: or phone: +40 756 094251