Hogyan készüljünk fel egy lovastúrára?

Hogyan készüljünk fel egy lovastúrára?

The vast wilderness areas of Harghita County offers marvellous horse riding with a very special atmosphere – wide sweeping views to the horizon, crystal clear rivers and endless mountain plains.

Our mountain tours are suitable for riders of a wide range of age and ability, including novices. Using sturdy and good-natured Icelandic horses, which are ideally suited for riding in this terrain, you can choose between our half day, one day or multiple day tours exploring the Harghita mountain wilderness.
Horse riding in this area gives you an excellent opportunity to come close to nature, with good chances of seeing roe deers, wild rabbits and fox. Notable birds include the eagles and black stork. The Ivo Wildlife Park is right next to our ranch. This park is home to several local species like roe, red and fallow deers and mouflons.

Our guided tours are an enjoyable and accessible horse riding holiday and the ideal option for those who would like to discover the unique pleasure of riding in a wilderness region.

The horse riding equipment for our tours depends on the season. It is very importat to dress according to the season. Here you find a short checklist of what we recommend for our one day and half day tours:

  • Jodhpurs or confortable trusers (not jeans)
  • T-shirt and a vest
  • Jacket or rain jacket in colder weather
  • Riding or hicking boots – During the riding tours there might bee short parts of hicking, so it is important that the shooes are confortable four bought activities.
  • Small backpack
  • Equestrian helmet -compulsory, if the rider does not have his own, we provide this at the riding ranch uppon request.
  • Back protector
  • Riding gloves

Finally, we cannot emphasize enough the need to listen: listen to your horse, listen to your own body, listen to nature, and listen to your tour guide. All of our guides are experienced rider with great knowledge of horses and the local area.